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BLOGMAS #3 Stocking Filler Ideas for Her

I’m pretty sure that you’re thinking about getting at least one of your family members a Christmas stocking this year, huh?

And we all have the dreaded question of what stocking fillers we should use!

Well, don’t worry I got you! My third BLOGMAS post is all about stocking filler ideas for her. Maybe it’s your little sister or an aunt. Maybe even your mother or grandmother. We’re gonna look at some affordable little trinkets and knick-knacks to put in your Christmas stockings for this year. I hope you enjoy!

So I’ll be categorizing this post into three sections:

  • Young girls and teenagers;
  • Women in their twenties; and
  • Middle-aged and the more mature women.


Young girls generally tend towards little toy trinkets and fun games. Things like cute hair accessories, bubbles (oh, they LOVE bubbles) and bits of candy will surely put a smile on their face. Teenage girls, on the other hand, may opt for more beauty and cosmetic related items. However, it will depend on the personality of the girl that you’re dealing with. Things like body mists, phone cases, lip balms, stationery and maybe a gift card will do the trick!


Your Millennial women are a bit of a fussy bunch. You really have to know the gal you’re dealing with. That’s because not everyone likes makeup, stationery or cute little office supplies. Here’s a list of items that the Millennial woman in your life will love to see in a stocking!

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I know you may be wonder what you can get for that co-worker, sister, aunt, mum or even grandma. They’re a picky, but not so picky bunch to deal with. They tend to enjoy things they need rather mere wants. You can get the stuff you’ve heard them complain about for the whole year, Things like small kitchen tools, wellness items or even gift cards to their favourite stores!

What other stocking stuffer ideas do you have for girls and women? Let me know in the comments below! Hope you enjoyed this post and hope to see you again for BLOGMAS #4, xoxo.


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