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10 Tips for the Recent College Graduate


So you’ve graduated College huh?

What’s the next step? How do you land your first job? How do you network and build professional connects?

Many people are fresh out of college and not quite sure how to navigate this journey called ‘adulting’. College and universities rarely prepare us for this journey. Some of us aren’t even educated about building our credit, filing taxes and preparing for job interviews. Yikes! In today’s blog post we’re going to be chatting a bit about tips for the recent college grad! Hope you enjoy!

So for those of you who may or may not know, I’m a recent graduate of the University of the West Indies with a Bachelor of Laws degree. Even though I’m not looking for a job at the moment (because I’m in Law School) I’m always spending time learning tips and advice for this adulthood journey. Today I have ten tips for the recent college grad who may be confused, stressed and figuring their life out!

1.CLEAN UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA: Take this time to give your social media a little purge. Contrary to popular belief, many employers are now taking time to look at prospective employees’ social media during the hiring process. I know you may be thinking well professional life and personal life are two entirely different spheres. Yes, they are, but they are also very related. Many times employees have been let off because of things they have posted on social media. Gen Y has often been criticized as the tech-savvy generation. The generation that runs to social media about everything, and it’s true. In the twenty-first century, you have to be very careful about what you post on social media. Use it to share positive, happy and uplifting moments from your life, especially if your social media profiles are open to the public view.

2.NETWORK: Network, network, network! The importance of professional connects cannot be undermined! Networking has benefitted me a whole lot as I have got to meet some pretty amazing people and got some excellent opportunities. You never know, you may even land your first corporate job through networking. LinkedIn is a great way to start, especially for people who are introverts. You can meet some pretty amazing people online who are in the same field as you and they can give you tips and advice for success. You can also think about attending a couple networking events with your friends and handing out some business cards. Networking can really help you to get access to some great opportunities.

3.EDIT YOUR RESUME: Boring, plain and simple resumes are so last year! Ensure you have a clean, modern resume to present to potential employers. Remember, Millennials are known for being tech-savvy! Use an online program such as Adobe InDesign to create an enticing resume. Remember, your resume is the first impression that an employer or hiring managing will have of you. Ensure that the first impression matters! Some people also outsource their resume creation to agencies who are skilled at that. As long as you have the finances go right ahead! Remember, this is not an unnecessary expense, it’s an investment in your future.

4.THINK ABOUT ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Have you ever heard the saying ‘If you can’t find opportunity then you should create it’? Many people graduate college thinking that there should be some job out there waiting for them. Well, welcome to the real world kid! It’s very hard to get a job, especially when you don’t have the relevant experience. While you’re in the middle of applying for new jobs, you can think about entrepreneurship. Think of small business ideas. This will help to keep you busy and is an excellent way to earn an income. When you’re thinking about entrepreneurship, don’t just ‘want to open a business’. Ensure that you do the necessary market research to see if there is a need for your product or service. Ensure you have the necessary skills for the business and ensure that you are passionate about it. When people rush into entrepreneurship as a ‘get-rich’ scheme, it often fails. Take your time, do your research and ensure that you are starting an excellent business to satisfy consumers’ needs and wants.

5.VOLUNTEER: Volunteering is also another way to contribute to your community and prevent yourself from being idle. There are usually a lot of local organisations that are looking for volunteers for weekends and special occasions. This is also a great thing that you can put on your resume.

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6.SIDE HUSTLES ARE A GREAT WAY TO THINK ABOUT PAYING OFF YOUR DEBT: Unfortunately many of us took loans to complete our degrees. I say ‘us’ because I’m including myself in that category as well. In an effort to start paying off your debts early on in life, you can think about some side hustle ideas. Maybe you have some free time after or before work. There are so many side hustles that can help you to earn an additional income to pay off your debt. Think about working at restaurants, in retail or even virtual employment. There are so many ways you can earn an additional income in 2017 to help you pay off your debt.

7.EDUCATE YOURSELF ABOUT CREDIT: This is a major thing that many young adults are unaware of. They don’t know how they can build their credit, they don’t know what can help them to get good credit and what can help them to get bad credit. Some people think that credit cards are just plain BAD! They don’t know that taking out a credit card and paying your bill on time can actually build your credit and increase your prospects of getting a loan in the future. Take this time to learn about credit ratings and how you can increase yours. Also, you should learn the importance of building up your credit for your future.

8.START THINKING ABOUT YOUR LONG-TERM GOALS: Do you plan on renting or buying a house? Do you want a car in the near future? Are you planning on moving abroad? Thinking about what your long-term goals are can help you to make strategic decisions from right now! For example, if you plan on attending grad school you can start devising a savings strategy for that or if you plan to move abroad, you can see what visas and passports you may need to get. Think about your future and incorporate this planning into your current life.

9.MAKE WISE FINANCIAL DECISIONS: This is not your childhood days where you can just ask mummy and daddy to give you money for things. Now is the time to work and save your coins. The key to navigating your twenties is this: MAKING WISE FINANCIAL DECISIONS! You need to have a savings strategy, especially if you’re paying off debt. No one is there to coax you to save money, you need to learn to do this on your own.

10.NEVER STOP LEARNING: Lastly, you should never stop learning. Always be open to learning new skills, methods and techniques of doing things in life. If you see free online courses, take them! If you see an interesting book on a topic you are ignorant of, read it! Life is all about learning and embracing new experiences.

Trusting the process is also key to enjoying your post-graduate phase. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities, and always try to better yourself in whatever way you can. I hope that you enjoy this post and if you did, feel free to share with your friends on social media! xoxo.







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